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The TOOTHBRUSH VALET® is an absolute must for hotels and resorts to provide its guests. It is an equally viable amenity for country clubs, sports franchises, cruise ships, nursing homes, and children's summer camps... and the list goes on.

In the "New Reality", in which we all live today, cleanliness, hygiene, and a sanitary environment are qualities that have taken on more meaning and are more important to travelers than ever before. Hotels, resorts, and all types of properties that provide its guests with the Toothbrush Valet® will be recognized for providing the best customer service, good public relations, good hygiene, and just plain good sense.

The decorative toothbrush holders are available in off-white (bone), tan or black. The tan & black colors have subtle marbling in the finish. They are made of strong durable, yet pliable plastic, and are disposable and recyclable. The Valet can accommodate any Property's respective logo for a nominal charge and will additionally provide the property with an extremely effective advertising vehicle.

When considering new amenities for the bath, consider the Toothbrush Valet®, an amenity that is not only decorative, but one that provides both sanitary and hygienic benefits for your customer! Your customer will appreciate it! Your property will receive accolades.

The Toothbrush Valet® Providing Global Travelers … with a Sense of Security

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