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What hotel and resort guests usually do with their toothbrush in order for it to dry, is to place it in one of the drinking glasses that the property provides them. Not only is this not sanitary, but it is a waste of a glass, which was provided for an entirely different reason.

Another option is to place the toothbrush on the counter top. However, with the world in which we live today, this is an equally unsatisfactory solution.

The TOOTHBRUSH VALET® is the solution! Here's why:

  • it provides hotel guests with a safe, sanitary and hygienically correct way to dry and store their toothbrushes
  • it accommodates up to four toothbrushes (or disposable razors, or make-up applicators)
  • it is constructed of thick, flexible, and recyclable plastic
  • each unit stacks or nests together for efficient room delivery systems, shipping, and storage
  • each unit is totally sealed in its own bag to insure a sanitary toothbrush stand for each guest
  • it provides the hotel and resort another advertising vehicle ... and
  • it costs less than 35 cents a piece

What does your property do to provide for the convenience and hygiene of its guests?


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